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You can take Safecracker to the bank. This is an excellent stand-up comedy CD and comic Brad Trackman is one funny guy. Trackman is a very audience interactive comic whose forte is relationship comedy. Recorded at the DC Improv in front of what sounds like a smallish but very into it audience, Safecracker is a solid CD you will be going back too.

It is hard to make relationship comedy really fresh and keep it interesting but Trackman manages both on Safecracker. The title for this stand-up comedy CD comes from the comic’s centerpiece joke which is that when it comes to relationships men have to be safecracker to get to a woman. This is a very funny bit and the comedian has a few callbacks to it but it smart enough not to have this joke overstay its welcome.

Even the best relationship comedy is only as good as the character the comic uses for the jokes. Trackman comes across as a very likeable kind of guy and, bonus, does not always go for the easy 'men are clueless' set-up.

There is more to Safecracker than women vs. men jokes. The show also features some very good observational and biographical comedy. The circumcision joke is one you will definitely be repeating to your Jewish friends. Trackman is a clean comic is something some folks will appreciate.
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